Hindleap Warren Adventure Weekend

Are you ready for the challenge?

At the end of January every year we take 80+ children on a weekend trip to Hindleap Warren Outdoor Activity Centre in East Sussex. On the trip children enjoy a range of exciting and challenging outdoor activities, all led by trained and qualified instructors.

For a few of the children it will be their first time away from home, for some it will be there first time out of London, for many it will be their first experience of this type of outdoor activity. 

Once at Hindleap we divide the children into teams with roughly the same number of older and younger children, and of boys and girls, in each team.  While doing the activities each team is awarded points for team work, attitude and effort, listening and learning, following instructions, and general behaviour.  At the end of the week-end the winning team are awarded trophies.

Children who have been to Hindleap tell us they have learnt how to work together better, how to be more confident, and how to face up to their fears.  To read about our previous Hindleap Adventures and to see the photos, click on the pictures below.

Our next Hindleap adventure will be in January 2023.
This trip is now fully booked.  If you would like your child to go on the Reserve List, please email your request to membershipthebrunswickclub.org.uk

Were you ready for the challenge!