Under 10s Training

U10 Football Training
(School Year 5)

The Brunswick Club is starting football training for players who in September will be in School Year 5.  The purpose of these training sessions is to see if we can get a committed group of players to enter the London County Saturday Youth Football League for the 2020/2021 season.

The training is open to anyone in school year 5 from September 2020, although year 4 players can attend as well.  You will need to be enthusiastic, committed, and reliable.  Most importantly you must have a good character.

We DO NOT want babies, moaners or sulkers and that includes the parents as well!!!

Training Day:    Thursdays
Training Time:  4.00pm-6.00pm
Training Cost:  £5 per session

First training session:
Thursday 3rd September 2020

Any questions please contact Danny on 020 7385 4856 (Club) or 07958 338 113 (Mobile)