Code Of Conduct

Referees referee

Players play

Managers manage

Parents and supporters support


We are so very grateful for all the support and help we receive. The players are well aware of their responsibilities, but if the above four lines are not clear enough please make sure you read the following:


Please do not coach from the touchline.  ONE VOICE IS NEEDED!  No matter how bad you think the coaching or instructions are, two or more voices are very confusing to the players.  Please encourage your child and his or her team in a positive way and leave the coaching to the manager.  If you have any problems speak to the manager at an appropriate time.


Please do not get involved in arguments with opposition players, parents or supporters.  No matter how stupid, ridiculous, irritating or ignorant the comments are from the opposition supporters, please make sure we do not respond with stupidity or ignorance of our own. We cannot control or influence the conduct of people not involved with our Club, but we can set our own standards of behaviour and make sure our level of support, integrity and sportsmanship is of the highest level.


Please do not question, insult or abuse the referees. WE NEED THEM!  Again, no matter how stupid, ridiculous or infuriating their decisions may seem, please leave them alone and let them get on with their job.