Brunswick Teams

Brunswick Football Teams

September 2020 to July 2021
Training Sessions & Matches

Training sessions and matches are for players who are considered to have the necessary ability to represent the Brunswick in leagues and tournaments throughout the year.  Any player who would like to try out for a team can come along to the training session for their age group and have a 4-week trial.

All football training sessions take place on the Astroturf Pitch at The Brunswick Club. Appropriate clothing (football kit & sports wear) and appropriate footwear for the Astroturf must be worn to each session.  Please use the Club entrance in St Thomas’ Way.

All Saturday matches are in the London County Saturday Youth Football League.  All Sunday matches are in the Harrow Youth Youth League.  For details of training times and matches, please click on the relevant team link below.

Registration Fee:                FREE
Football Training Fee:      £5.00* each session
Fitness Training Fee:        FREE
Football Match Fee:          FREE (or *£5.00 if the training fee has not been paid)
Summer Tournaments:    £5.00 each tournament