Butlins 2022 Final Details

Brunswick Football 2021/2022

U11 & U12 Football Tour

Butlins, Bognor Regis, West Sussex PO21 1JJ

Friday 13th May – Monday 16th May 2022


Friday 13th May:             Meet at Brunswick: 4.00pm

Please make sure your child takes any travel sickness pills necessary.



Monday 16th May:           Return to Brunswick: 3.00pm



Full fixtures and results can be found via the ‘ESF Football’ app on the app store.


Clothing List:

All Brunswick football equipment – boots, shin pads, team socks, shorts, t-shirts and jacket. Changes of clothing for the whole weekend including underpants and socks!!!  Toiletries – make sure your child brings towels, toothpaste, shower gel and soap. They will be expected to keep themselves clean and smell free!!!


Spending Money:

This is left to the parents’ own discretion. Breakfast and evening meals are provided so please send your child with enough money for lunch and/or snacks on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. It may help to put their money in four separate money bags, one for each day. The children are responsible for their own money.


Do Not Bring!!!

Anything expensive that you do not want lost or broken. We will not be responsible for lost, stolen or broken property such as mobile phones, iPads, etc.  Surely they can do with a weekend off from modern technology and simply enjoy socialising with each other!!!


Do Bring!!!

All participants are asked to bring with them a friendly, helpful and positive attitude, as this can be the difference between a good and bad trip for everyone involved!!!



Please complete a ‘Parental Consent, Medical Information & Indemnity Form’ for each participant using the link below. This must be done by Friday 6th May 2022. Thank you.


Parental Consent, Medical Information & Indemnity Form